Energy Bills Support Scheme – ‘the £400’

Energy Bills Support Scheme (‘the £400’) – Alternative Funding now open

If you didn’t get the automatic £400 payment through your electricity supply account, you can now apply through the Alternative Funding scheme. You can be awarded the £400 as a one off payment if you don’t have a domestic electricity supply connection – or you don’t have a direct supplier contract to get an automated payment. Examples include if you:

  • pay for energy through a landlord, housing manager or site owner
  • live in a park home, houseboat or off the electricity grid

To receive the funding, you have to apply online through the government portal before 31 May

If you don’t have online access or can’t submit a form, you can call the helpline on 0808 175 3287.

Alternative Fuel payments (‘the £200’) – Alternative Fund now open

These payments are for people who use alternative fuels to heat their home (such as heating oil) because they don’t have a grid gas supply.If you have an electricity supply contract you should get this payment automatically. Please contact your supplier if you haven’t received it.If you don’t have a direct electricity supplier contract, you’ll need to apply through the government portal.

Be scam aware!

The application forms are on website– the government or suppliers will not be sending you links.

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