The options below are primarily for pre-payment meters; the type that is topped up with a key or a card. Energy companies have agreed that during this time emergency credit on such meters can be expanded or other options can be agreed with suppliers for those self-isolating and unable to get to a pay-point. Although the companies can in some cases organise postal top-up cards and keys; they’re wanting to try and restrict this offer to the most vulnerable; i.e. those that do not have friends and family that can assist them so they can be prompt in arriving where it is most needed.

Smart pre-payment meters can be topped up remotely so can function as normal during this time. Debt relief was discussed by various companies and the government but little information is present so it is worth asking your energy supplier if you are struggling with paying for energy. Seeking debt relief is more likely available for those with credit meters (the type with a monthly or quarterly bill).


British Gas – 0333 202 9802

British Gas’ website is vague about details but have said they will deal with individual cases if contacted by phone.


Bulb – 0300 303 0635

Can pay remotely and have a card sent if family and friends are unable to assist you.


EDF – 0333 200 5100

EDF have said that they have a relaxed policy on disconnections for those that have run out of credit to stop power from shutting off overnight. They request that if you do not have friends and family nearby to assist; you can contact them to look at alternatives.


E.On – 0345 052 0000

Advises friends of family to top up meters. In some cases it can provide top up cards or an engineer can visit to top up meters.



Npower – 0800 073 3000

Npower advises customers to ask family and friends. If unable they advise you contact them but do not provide further details


Octopus – 0808 163 1088

Octopus also advise calling them if you are unable to get hold of family and friends to top up for you. They have increased the level you can use emergency credit.


OVO – 0330 303 5063

OVO have requested that people use the digital app or online chat options to allow the most vulnerable to use the phone lines. They suggest using this phone number for those in debt.


Scottish Power – 0800 027 0072

Scottish power have advised people contact them if they are unable to get friends and family to add funds to their meters.


SSE (Now owned by OVO) – 0345 026 2658

SSE have a list of options on their website. For those in debt they advise contacting their call centre but note phones will take longer than usual to answer.


Utility Warehouse – 0333 777 0777

Utility warehouse specifies that they have reduced phone support. They advise that pre-pay customers will receive a letter from them outlining options.