Energy Price Guarantee – but the more you use, the more you’ll pay


The new Energy Price Guarantee will come into effect from 1 October 2022.

It means that typical household energy bills will be around £2,500 a year. This new government intervention means bills will be about £1,000 less than previously predicted.

But it is still nearly double that of 12 months ago (£1,277). It’s important to remember that the £2,500 is for typical users – but if you use more energy, you will pay more.


It is the unit rate of energy and standing charge that is capped – not the overall bill.

The Energy Bills Support Scheme also starts in October with a £400 discount for domestic electricity users – this will be paid automatically in 6 monthly instalments. This will bring a typical bill to about £2,100.


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We can help with:

  • Energy efficiency to to reduce bills
  • Grants and funding for energy efficiency measures
  • Grants for broken heating systems
  • Help with fuel bills and energy debt
  • Billing issues with your supplier


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