School Energy

It has been reported that schools across the UK spend just under £400 million on energy every year and account for nearly 15% of public sector carbon emissions. It is critical from both an economic and an environmental standpoint for schools to actively reduce their impact on the environment and the use of energy on a day to day basis.

The main areas of concern are heating, catering, lighting and more recently computing. One of the first areas which would make a significant saving would be to fully insulate walls and roof spaces and eliminate draughts. Despite the size of some schools investing in these options would reduce the cost of energy bills immediately.

Raising awareness to both teachers and pupils and encouraging responsibility at both levels will serve to maintain and prolong any energy saving changes schools make.

Checking boiler timers and lighting settings can make a significant difference to energy bills. Ensuring a switch off policy for whenever any room in the school is empty. A small amount of effort can truly save tangible amounts of money.

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